2022-2023 Activity Calendar

This calendar is updated weekly.
If you would like to participate in an activity with us, please email 1000voicesflorida@gmail.com

November 2022
21st - Rehearsal for Tacachale/Foster Grandparent at 6:00pm

28th - Rehearsal for Tacachale/Foster Grandparent at 6:00pm

December 2022
1st - Rehearsal for Sacred Song Celebration Concert 6:30pm
               *Musicians arrive by 5:45pm

3rd - Tacachale Concert 3:00pm
               *Participants arrive by 2:00pm

4th - Sacred Song Celebration Concert 4:00pm
ticipants arrive by 2:45pm

7th - Tacachale Tree Lighting 6:00pm (musicians only) arrive 5:15pm

8th - Foster Grandparent Appreciation Luncheon 10:00am

14th - Eastside High School choral concert 6:00pm

January 2023

February 2023
17th - St. Patrick's Community Concert 7:00pm arrive by 6:00pm

March 2023

April 2023
30th - Duke Ellington Sacred Concert 4:00pm